Paragliding, Corby Model Club

A clip for Corby Model Club’s new website.


Nice video @Njoro I’m now thinking screw the drones. Buy one of those paragliders, a Cannon 5D and a DJI Ronin Gimbal and Im golden :ok_hand:t2: :grin:

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I wish I was younger and healthy, I’d be up there too.

There’re one or two in the club thinking of doing it, Marc the pilot is also a trainer.

How much does he charge?

I can find out for you shortly, I know for me it would be free as I’ve bribed him with Inspire footage…:rofl:

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Thank you. Maybe some fpv footage may sway him :laughing:

I think he has an interest in FPV as he brought out some Fatsharks to try out with his mates DJI Mavic mini…I did try to tell him that Fatsharks don’t work with Ocusync…:rofl:

As a member of Corby Model Club, they’d be no charge…:+1:

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:joy: That made me giggle

I’ll be attempting to join the midlands helicopter club in January. But I don’t see why I cannot join 2 clubs. Are they fpv freestyle friendly? Some clubs are snooty about it.
Also, the website doesn’t seem finished yet. How much is it?

We are due our AGM next month, we’ll be ironing out some rules on Drone flights.

We are contemplating allowing LOS solo flights if one holds a BMFA ‘A certificate’, I have been asked to be the club trainer so I’ll be looking at FPV with a observer as we are an air field.

The bottom line is we are drone friendly and as it my baby I’ll be working hard to keep it that way.