Paragliding, Inspire 2 Test

Very disappointed with the quality of this footage, I think my SD card has had it. I’ve used this card for quite a long time and it’s been formatted hundreds of times. Luckily this was a test flight to determine our safety envelope so not too bothered, I thought I’d share before I bin it.


What gimbal and lens setup where you using great footage well done!! :+1::ok_hand:

The gimbal is the X5S with a Olympus 45mm, I’m hoping the next time my footage will be better.

I found using the 45mm very hard trying to track things due to the 90mm tele equivalents did you try it in spotlight pro mode that’s great but still maintaining the safe distance from your subject

Despite it’s difficulty’s the 45mm was the choice for safe distancing and good old closeup shots.

We both have years of RC aircraft flying experience which is invaluable.

I restricted my flight envelope to no more than 10’ Sq and the Paraglider was free to fly as close as he deemed safe. He knew where to expect the UAV to be at all times.

I also had a spotter stood beside me, as it turned out he was very handy for when I lost track of the paraglider.

I managed most of the shots manually other than on two occasions.

Spotlight pro struggled with the paraglider’s speed especially when he’d bank off suddenly and changed shape.

This was a toe in the waters for both of us, we have explored and learned for next time…

There’s a pile of clips on the editing floor…:rofl: