Parbold Hill Wigan Uk

Went to parbold hill the other day, lovely place, here is a video.


How do you get it to show the video like it’s a toy model? Just interested.

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This is a cool video @StickyFloyd with some great effects :+1:t2:

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@notveryprettyboy its called tilt shift photography. I’m not really sure exactly how it works but I looked it up the other day when I edited a photo of a castle just having a play and by sheer luck it had the same kind of effect lol all the shots I could find had really heavy blurring around the edges as did my castle pic. It seems to trick the eyes when it comes to scale :grin:


Cheers Steve. I’ll google it myself and have a play…

As Sirgunner says Tilt shift its called, or toy town etc. It blurs the top and bottom of the image and then smooths the blurs to make it look the way it does, there is a ton of info on you tube regarding Davinci Resolve and its free , i have only been doing editing for about 2 months now, you tube helps a huge amount. Hopefully some new content soon , thanks for your kind comments guys :slight_smile:

Hope you bought an ice cream!

Is that your van there?

No mate, I don’t sell ice cream.

If anything, it’s more likely to be my motorbike at Parbold :slight_smile:

Awesome video, the beginning was quite epic with the tilt shift effect.

Thanks Mark I appreciate your comments, check my other videos on you tube might be something you like there.
StickyFloyd Productions

Be safe dude