Park cruising - caddx tarsier footage with iMovie stabilisation

Not the most exciting footage, just building confidence before going for coastal flights. I was flying with a heavier battery than usual (1300 Mah vs my usual 850) to see what flight time I’d get (15 min vs 10 usually) on my geprc crocodile baby 4’.

Pretty happy with the stabilisation done by imovie, especially on the first part where I disabled Lens Distortion Correction on the camera. It’s enabled by default and it seems to me to add a bit of jerkiness to the footage.


Looks like an awesome place to fly :+1:t2:

It is, and permitted flying zone too, could only be better with a pond and a few young trees to fly around. The large trees completely block the video signal. Downside of how beautiful it is there are walkers at all times.

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Great video and looks like an awesome location too.

id be interested to know which battery you went for as i’d like to try to get that sort of time with my LR chimera

On this flight i used this one : CNHL Black Series 1300mAh 14.8V 4S 100C Lipo Battery – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

I actually bought it to power my goggles until I realised i could use a much larger usb power bank as well.

The 850 mah I normally use are these ones which last 10min + but that might have to do with my rather sedate flying style :


I’m in desperate need of somwhere like this to practise with my Croc Baby.

I’m fed up with simulators. :laughing: I ended up getting Velocidrone yesterday and although I’m only comparing it with about 2 minutes of real life flight time with the Croc, it seems to behave more like I’d expect; it seems far less floaty when you cut the throttle.


:+1: :heart:
nice place to practice flying. look forward to your other videos with coastal views

I have liftoff and also found it very floaty. I also have the DRL simulator and found it closer to real life.

Hopefully you’ll find somewhere suitable soon. Playing fields are great too, maybe that’s a possibility where you are ?

Funny you should say that…