PC upgrades for DaVinci Resolve?

Resolve is pretty brutal on hardware - far worse than premiere.

Firstly though, regarding your 265 footage - are you creating optimised media which should make it nice and easy to use even on your setup.
In addition, set the timeline to a lower resolution, do all your edits there, there just bump it back up to your desired output pre-render.

Ive used a very similar laptop setup acceptably within limits for editing 4k/60 from the drones for a while.

Fusion is going to add a new layer of hardware hurt though.
Things using temporal filters such as noise reduction etc will murder it.

Ultimately what Resolve wants is a GPU with a decent amount of VRAM to handle it properly. Also 32gb of actual ram.

Sadly everything there is holding you back, Resolve uses CPU for some things, others need GPU (see above).
Mechanical drives are a serious bottleneck in any computer system these days.

FWIW my old Dell with i7/8th gen with Geforce 1050 Ti / 32gb ram and SSDs worked fine on resolve as long as i didnt use noise reduction or much Fusion. If i did, it crashed.

My newer laptop is a 13th gen i9/Nvidia 4070/32gb/SSDs and its far better.

But a desktop is a lot more economical to build from scratch. Sadly with your setup i suspect its a new motherboard and new everything to plug into it. That ISNT too costly though for a desktop.

There has been quite a lot on this since I was last able to get online so I won’t be able to respond to everyone directly, but I will try and cover everything.

So straight to the point, I tried the optimized media function and that on it’s own seems to have resolved all the issues I was having before. Timeline playback is spot on, no lagging, all my adjustments happen in an instant and I don’t even have to reduce the timeline resolution at all. This is with h.265 footage saved on the SSD.

Renders quick enough, about 4 minutes for a 2.5 minute video. Not something I am overly concerned about but of course I wont grumble at any improvement here.

Not tried anything with fusion yet, but will see how that goes in time. I am sure hardware upgrade will always help, but for the kind of stuff I do it seems upgrades are not as desperate as it first seemed, but it is probably wise to start squirreling some funds away for it in the future.

More immediately I need to sort out my storage as I am starting to run short. Will need to look at archiving some of the existing hard drives and will look into replacing with SSDs.

Thanks all!

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Black friday isnt too far away and companies like Amazon, Ebuyer, CCL, Scan, Box, AWD-IT, overclockers, Novatech, just to name a few, all have good ssd/nvme deals :smiley:

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