Peak District Mist in Hope valley / Winnats Pass

Hi everybody ! This is a morning footage from few weeks ago in Peak District with nice mist :slight_smile: Thanks for watching !!


Fantastic - well done Jar!

What time in the morning was it?


Thanks Graham ! I think was 5 a.m . It was few weeks ago so I cant remember exactly . I love wake up early when I can record some footage and it is a chance to get nice video :slight_smile:

Sublime, stunning, well captured.

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Thank You Barry !! :raised_hands: :mountain:

Thanks for posting this.

The pass footage, at different states of sunrise, is spectacular!

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Thanks Rod :raised_hands: :mountain: Was great there ! Greetings !

Excellent in every detail from subject, film style and your own superb soundtrack. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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Thanks for your words Mike :raised_hands: :mountain:

stunning love it :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks Shaun :raised_hands: :pray: :mountain: Greetings !!

Excellent footage @Jar :+1:

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Thank you Mark :raised_hands: :mountain:

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Some stunning footage. :ok_hand:

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Can I ask what drone you used and what camera settings for the low light sunrise shots

Thank you Matt :raised_hands: :mountain:

I used DJI Mini 2 I think it was around - 0.7 exposure .Thanks for asking .

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Thanks Iā€™m off next week for a few weeks so will have to get up into the peaks

no problem .I am probably go there too or different place but is depend of weather :slight_smile: