Peak pano


just back from the peak district with a little pano


Ah - you were almost there …. there’s a semi-colon after the opening < and before iframe that shouldn’t be there. :wink:

… and an extra > at the end, I think.

Correct format …

<iframe width="100%" height="640" style="width: 100%; height: 640px; border: none; max-width: 100%;" frameborder="0" allow="vr,gyroscope,accelerometer,fullscreen" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true" src=""></iframe>


corrected thanks @OzoneVibe


Cracking pano!! :+1: … almost 3D with that terrain.


cheers mate


Was that taken today and was it windy?


No it was Saturday and yes it was windy


Just asked as it windy as hell here atm

could get a 70mph assist for the speed list

need to grow some balls though


Where’s “here”?


my house


Love this pano and the location. Where exactly was it taken?


Quite a low shot as well, I like a lot, what app/drone took the photos ?


@BCF the location is at the end of mam tor ridge near edale


@milkmanchris go4 app with mavic air and a nd16 filter