Peel Tower Ramsbottom

Fight from a couple of weeks ago out with my daughter and granddaughter no music and done without POI wanted to se if a could slow down my jerky sticks (it’s not me it’s the sticks honest)

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In that first shot, the top of that looks like a giant Tea Light candle! :slight_smile:

Generally, very competent drone control though. Is that a WW2 bomb crater beside the tower? I can’t think of anything else it could could be. Amazing how these scars are still visible.

A little colour grading would help, Just to set the blacks down to black.
(IMHO of course.)


I did colour grade a little but your right a bit more wouldn’t have hurt :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice control Jeff, it alway amazes me with other people who, push the sticks left, then right! ,gimbal up ,gimbal down as fast as it will go!.
Without a second thought to the viewer of their video!.
I get dizzy watching some of them !.
It’s nice to be able to slow the movements down, makes for a more cinematic look.

Thanks Chris
I have had to readjustment all my settings due to a resent update I had settings I could live with and then whoosh there gone
Bloody updates