Peli/Flight Case - [SOLD]

I’ve got a Peli type flight case I have never used and it’s taking up space.

£20 but you’ll have to fetch it or pay the postage.

Size (inside) 20" x 14" x 5"

There’s two layers of foam on the bottom of the case, topped off with an un picked/plucked layer of pick and pluck foam, with the normal egg crate foam in the lid. All clamps/clips work and the pressure release valve is there. I used it for a drone years ago, but only to store it. When I sold the drone, I replaced all of the foam (it’s bloody expensive) and it’s been sat on the shelf ever since.


Still in the West Midlands @Hotrodspike (to make the ad meet the guidelines)?

I see Steviegeek replying as I type. Second in line then, please :slight_smile:

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Hi John
I’ll have this of you please.
I can collect and pay cash,
Please DM your address and a suitable day over the weekend or next week for me to pop round to you

Thanks Rob, but your message got in first so I can step back :smile:

You can collect, I would need it posted. I’m sure that if you collect you and John will end up chatting for hours, flying if the weather permits and it will be a memorable day. I won’t deprive you of that! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, kind sir :smile:

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Ah, there it is, the obligatory receipt from the local chinese :yum:

??? :smile:

OK Steve, it’s going to be pistols at dawn between you and Rob as you’re both gentlemen. I’d prefer not to have to post it because of it’s size, and Rob did say he’d take second place. Sort it out between you and we’ll take it from there. We can nip over the Arboretum for a quick fly as well if you like!

Thanks John,
It’s great, will keep my AAT stuff nice and safe, probably fit my goggles in it as well :+1: take care and hopefully see you in the new year
Steve :smile:

Thanks Steve, probably see you at the Jan 1 meet, we’ll have to see what the fracture clinic says!
Stay cool and listen to the Blues!

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