Pembrey Country Park?


We’re off to Pembrey Country Park at the end of the month for Easter.
It’s a large country park near Llanelli, and having been before I have some ideas for photos etc.
The thing is that I checked on the DJI map and it doesn’t seem to have any flight restrictions, but when I checked it seems to be a no-fly zone.

Has anyone got any advice?
I’d love to take some shots of the park, but I don’t want to cause any issues or get into any big trouble.
I realise the Mavic Air has Geofencing, but that’s based on the map I saw if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks in advance,

Good to install the “Drone Assist” app.
Get your settings like this …

… and it shows all the air space issues, especially the new FRZs (Flight Restriction Zones) around airports.

Pembrey … not the most drone friendly area. :rofl:

Clicking on the coloured areas gives more info.

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I’m from Llanelli and visit Pembrey country park, some amazing places to fly and photo there. Shame its in a nfz, I have fliwn there but didn’t go over more than 15-20 meters. I’m not to clued up on protocol on phoning for permission to fly in certain zones so can’t help you there, sorry. More experienced fliers mite be able to help you there. Where are you coming from? Hope you have a fab break in Pembrey, it truly is a beautiful part of Wales. Just seen the other response to this post, if u stay closer up to the Llanelli side of Pembrey country park, u should just about escape the nfz. That is the better part of the park too, and burry port has some beytifull coast line and a stunning harbour, well wort a visit. Also Kidwelly Castle, which is beytifull but bang in the middle of Pembrey Airport nfz.

We live in Caerphilly and this is our 4th trip to Pembrey, great for a long weekend break.
I saw the nfz is quite large, but you’re right, the east side of the park is not covered by that.
If I remember, that’s where the WW1 and WW2 bunkers are, near to the beach so hoping I may get a chance to fly over there.
Strangely, we’re off to Burry Port in a few weeks too for a rugby event, so that may well provide a good chance for some flying.
Thanks for your response and advice.

Well, the Pembrey Country Park rules say that no drones are allowed, for the composite at least, I didn’t enquire further as the visitor centre was extremely busy all weekend.