This may be well known but I thought it might be useful to new flyers.

drone_guidance.pdf (423.3 KB)


What’s the date of this document @Johnw mate?

I downloaded it early September this year from the Pembrokeshire web site, entered drone flying in the search box.

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Was written on Quark XPress, now there’s a blast from the past, I taught myself that back in 1987 when the father in law (ex) was working as a technical author.

Good to see a sensible approach being taken by them.

Really encouraging to see a council not only adopting a sensible standpoint, but proactively helping people to understand where and when is appropriate to fly, and providinf pointers on responsible use!

I am hoping to get down to Pembrokeshire next summer, and I know there are some really beautiful places down there where I would ike to fly!