Penarth Pier Sunrise


This image was shot back in late Jan / early Feb as sunrise is at stoopid o’clock now and I already don’t get enough sleep.

Anyway, I hope you like it and for those that want to do likewise then I advise an early morning arrival to avoid crowds (or anybody) and make sure the tide is out or going out so that you can be the requisite ‘legal’ safe distance from any buildings.


A superb first photo post, @stubbyd!

It also gets you the Golden Hour Flyer Badge on your profile! :+1:


Thanks @OzoneVibe I have plenty to share and always looking for more places. And thanks for the badge, though I wasn’t posting for that reason.

Having looked at the ‘where to fly’ I’ll hopefully take some time in the near future to suggest a few locations as it’s a bit bare in the South Wales area.

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Some badges are automatic, some given by mods as and when it’s earned/appropriate. So, no probs.

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I should add that no filters were used in this shot and that is something I’ve been considering, especially as I prefer to take photos at sunset / sunrise and blown out skies are no fun.

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That is a stunning photo @stubbyd :clap:t2:


Cheers @PingSpike i love photographing this pier whether land or air.

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Very nice picture. What drone did you use?


Thanks @Stevie it was and is a Mavic Air.

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