Penny Hill wind farm

Visited Penny Hill wind farm today to do some video. The thing I find most difficult is thinking of creative shots/angles that will look good, it’s just missing from my make up completely :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I know what you mean. I also struggle with the creative moves side of it. I am no expert so will leave the advice to those that are more adept at it however I have seen some of the ‘Best 5 killer moves’ type of video’s on YT that are actually worth watching.

There were some nice moves you included here and I enjoyed the vid so persevere with it and you’ll get more nailed soon :+1:t2:

Flying through moving blades :wink:

Should be a badge for it… I was very tempted to go for a landing on top of one, but thought better of it in the end!

Some good perspectives, and the moves through the blades was a cool touch.


Really creative and I did think at one point you would land on top :blush:, I was expecting a view of the reservoir to appear.
Looking forward to seeing more.