Penshaw Monument NT Challenge

One of my local landmarks I visited yesterday, NT land boundry not shown on drone scene appears to be the whole of the fenced off hill, NO DRONES signs on the entrance gates , huffed and puffed my way to the top of the hill then made my way down the east side where a stile crosses into a crop field with a footpath around the perimeter and TOAL from there. Best shot I could get from that position, had to keep changing position due to visitors milling about , mini2 users will have more success. Be nice when they get the roof on !


Nice shot, Alan. I should have gone for it last year before the new rules came into force, cos my Fimi A3 weighs a bit over 500 grams. Reluctantly if I want to do some of my ‘bucket list’ targets, it looks as though I’ll have to bite the bullet and shell out for an under 250g drone. More than one to choose from now of course, just waiting to see how the Fimi and Hubsan offerings shape up. Maybe a Christmas pressie to myself!
But there are still places one can fly safely - have you seen my ‘Atlantic Bay’ video?

Lovely shot, well done.

This monument would be very easy to fly with a larger drone under Article 16 permissions, there’s less need for a sub-250g drone if you’re flying in the countryside. The same comment applies to @Sandbagger needing to “change position”. If you’re flying under Article 16, just keep 30m off the ground and it shouldn’t be an issue.

@kvetner . Locating a suitable TOAL position was the first problem and the view from there wasn’t great …I only have A2 cofc but agree article 16 would have made life a lot easier I’m considering getting it to broaden my options when flying …thanks Alan

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Thanks, kvetner.
Looks like flying under Article 16 is a good way to ease the present distance restrictions. If I join British Drone Flyers it would appear that I can fly my 560 gram drone with similar limits to a sub 250 gram drone. The membership fee is far cheaper than buying a new drone! Worth consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

Aka Penshaw Ornament :rofl:

I lived in Sunderland for nearly 30 years and never once visited it. Perhaps it’s time to plan a trip to fly around it along with some more of my early haunts, though a little more difficult now my mother has moved away from the area.

And check out the new northern spire bridge and pile of poo !

And the membership fee for FPVUK is about half that for British Drone Flyers, so even better value!

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taken on my mini 2


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