People to know, places to fly - Halstead, Essex

Hi, looking for people to know, places to fly or a drone friendly club not too far from Halstead, Essex area so I can get out and fly!
Any suggestions, advice, guidance welcome.
BTW I fly one of those French drones what tend to squawk a lot and on occasions been know to utter a pretty Polly or two. And something much bigger but very unique on occasions.

Can’t help you with the flying as I;m South Coast based but intrigued by your “something much bigger” as I have an irrational love of old heavylift drones such as DJI S900 and Droidworx. What have you got?

Sorry nothing exotic like that just a Yuneec Typhoon H which is sort of very BIG compared with a Parrot Anafi

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Yay! another Typhoon owner… :grinning:

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Yay!!! Not flow it in over a year, Anafi is so much easier to cart around.

Your not on your own I have 2 Typhoon H plus birds.


Ahhh a magpie!!

Magpie are birds just not sure they hover too well

True, I just thought you were talking about your Magpie… I mean Parrot :roll_eyes:

And on that note errrrr yes flying in the Essex, Suffolk area anyone with bright ideas?

Have a look at our very own DroneScene, and if you do find anywhere interesting don’t forget to add them

Also have a look at the members map for flyers local to you