Permission to fly <250g drones

Hi everyone. I have recently picked up a DJI Mini pro 3 and am looking for permitted fly zones. I wanted a small drone to allow me to fly with fewer restrictions and in more areas. I have been using Drone Scene which is a great resource so thank you!

I live in Plymouth so have been busily trying to find any info on location specific rules. I am hoping to fly over Plymouth Sound but apparently need to get authorisation from the King’s Harbour Master. They have informed me the following:

  • The drone operator should hold the appropriate Civil Aviation Authority licences and insurance
  • The drone does not directly overfly vessels which are underway and remains at least 150m clear of warships, ferries and all commercial vessels.
  • The drone is operated in strict compliance with CAA rules.
  • Approval from Longroom Port Control Station (01752 836953/VHF Ch 14) is obtained before filming and launching the drone.
  • Longroom Port Control Station is informed once operations are complete.

1)I have got my FlyerID and operator ID. Does this count as the appropriate licenses?
2)Insurance looks relatively easy to secure as I can just upgrade my membership here, but out of interest is this actually necessary?
3)I have no issue in making the Harbour Master aware of my activities, but would be interested to know if other people who have recently flown their drones over Plymouth Sound actually do this.
4) I would like to TOAL from Mountbatten breakwater, but how do I find out if I need permission from anyone to do this? I am struggling to find out who owns it now.

I get the impression from the posts I have read that there is the general attitude of fly safe and abide by the drone code and all will be fine. But I have no desire to be prosecuted xD

Apologies if these questions have been asked but I can’t find the answers!

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Hi @Kazlaar, it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

Why not nip over to the Introductions page, and say hello properly and tell us a bit about yourself. :+1:t2:

I can’t see any restrictions :man_shrugging:

That old chesnut like the PLA try to pull if you want to fly over the Thames. :roll_eyes:

Just keep away from the Naval Yard and you’re good to go.

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If you crash into anything or anyone I’d say it’s essential.