Personally, I blame GADC

A year ago, I found GADC, and bought myself my first ‘proper’ drone. Little did I know at the time how much time I would invest in both the site and the drone. This year, despite all that is going on in the world, has been really fun. Much of which I wouldn’t have done without this club. @Challenges_Committee - muchos ta :clap:

1 year in, I thought I would document my highlights. Again, thanks to all who have made me logon to GADC instead of work in the morning :wink:


Very nice video

:clap: A lot of Challenge items in there. :grin:

Great idea, though. I know I now have loads of video clips which don’t amount to much on their own but could possibly make I nice memento showreel.

A really great video showing your travels and I hope your enjoyment putting it together.
Did you have a basic setting for each of the scenes as the filming has very good lighting and colour?

Thanks for showing.

Yes, hence blaming GADC. The site has really motivated me. Without it, I know I wouldn’t have gone to half the places that I have this year. It has litterally pushed me outside my comfort zone of several occassions, which has accelerated my learning. So a BIG thank to this site for doing that :clap:

10 out of 28 clips are from challenges - which just proves my point :wink:


Cheers, Shaun, much appreciated :+1:

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Many thanks, Barrie! Yes, unlike my previous vid, Castles of Pembrokeshire, I applied a filter to individual clips. It’s more time consuming, but I think it pays off in the long run :ok_hand:

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Great video, some interesting places to take a look at

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Thank you, Malcolm!

I forgot to mention, the 28 clips are in chronological order.


Thank you for creating the video, sorry to have forced you out in that nasty fresh air and glorious countryside :slight_smile:

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Abousolte awesome compilation
Well done that man.
You have been about this year .
Excellent flying .

Cheers Olly! Much appreciated :grin:

Fantastic scenery and footage

Thaks, Adrian. Glad you liked it :+1:

Great and interesting footage, thanks for sharing that​:+1::blush:—Ken

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Thanks Ken! I appreciate the feedback :+1:

Great footage!

I enjoyed seeing Nunney Castle from a different angle to that experienced by the gravity-tethered.

Cheers Rod! Much appreciated :+1:

Really enjoyed this.
The weather was perfect also!