PfCO application & CAP722

Thought I’d just share this in case anybody else is in the same boat as me, waiting to hear back from the CAA about their PfCO application…

An updated edition of CAP722 was released on the 23rd which means the references to it in Volume 1 of my Ops Manual need to be updated… but the old version is already in and attached to my application.

I emailed the CAA ( and asked if I should send them the updated version and have just had a reply saying yes, and that my application would have been put on hold without the new version.

Anyway, so if you are waiting on an application you put in before Tuesday, drop them an email with your reference and ask about sending an updated version. It might save you some time.


Thanks for sharing

@JoeC. I passed this information yesterday onto a friend who is in the same position. He contacted them this morning with the following result

Emailed after I replied to you earlier and they got straight back to me, saying it was fine as I submitted before the release of 722.

You might want to double check that you need to resend?


Here’s what I sent them:

I submitted an application for a Standard Permission to Operate on Monday 22nd (ref: UAS-####) and attached my documentation as required.

On Tuesday 23rd there was an update to CAP 722 and I’ve updated Volume 1 of my Operations Manual to reference this latest edition.

Could you please confirm whether I can/should send you this updated version to replace the one attached to my application?

And the response:

Thank you for your email.

With regards to the revision you have made to the Operations Manual to incorporate the new date for CAP722, I would be grateful if you could email in the revised copy, so that I can attach it to your original application as this would be one of the reasons that your application would be put on hold.

As soon as you send this I will action it’s transfer into your application.

I guess it’s different advice from different folk manning the mailbox. But to be fair, it cost me nothing to reply back with the document I’d already edited so even if not absolutely necessary, no harm done.

And I’m not a very patient person, so if a quick email this week can save me waiting for a week or two down the line, all the better. :smile:


As you say, different day different advice. I think my friend phoned rather than email so maybe that made a difference???

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