PfCO Permission

Hello everybody ! Newby with a probably basic question but am getting a bit baffled by all the rules…
So the rule is if I want to fly within 50m of people or properties/objects that are not under my control (iaw ANO2016 article 95) I need to get the CAA’s permission.
This means that filming anything in London, where I live, even if it’s around my own house, I need to get this permission, right ? I am happy to pass the PfCO and then ask for permission to fly, but does anybody know how long it takes to get the go-ahead ? as in everytime I need to fly somewhere I would need to get this permission, ad if it takes months every time that would be a huge pain ?
Thank you in advance !


So I highly recommend getting your pfco with Phantom Flight School ( they are really good and I got my license with them last summer. They even help you with your initial application to the CAA.

Do not hesitate to message me for more information if you want.

What’s the good of PfCO, when he stands next to no chance of getting permissions!.

It’s not just about getting your pfco and then asking the CAA. In order to fly with pfco you will have to complete a full risk assessment of all the hazards the reasons for flying, and how you have mitigated the risks. However there are changes coming which may make the pfco redundant.

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Thank you all. I should have said, I don’t have a drone yet: I’ve wanted one for ages and now that I’m semi-retired it seems like the right time, however before buying one I am doing all the prep/due diligence, looking at the practicalities, rules etc.
Like many people in London I don’t own a car (more trouble than it’s worth) and I need to make sure there is a process for flying in the city where I live ( I really don’t want to have to rent a Citycar and drive two hours out of town looking for a scrap of land where I can fly for half an hour). Also I am more interested in filming buildings than open spaces.
I’m totally fine with regulations as long as it is reasonably possible to get permission which I am beginning to think it’s not ?

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pfco is really aimed at companies already involved in ,or those wishing to start a filming business using drones. As with many filming locations in congested cities the permits required can be expensive and time consuming to obtain, let alone the CAA permissions and all the health and safety requirements of flying a drone in a city, Im not saying it’s impossible, the pfco isn’t a magic certificate that allows you to ‘rock up’ and start flying wherever you wish, it’s only one small part of the requirements needed in order to fly in these areas.

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i,m new to this subject but if your drone was tethered that my releive you of some of the legal requirments ??? anybody ??

No, it wouldn’t

No it wouldn’t. The times lying regulations are relaxed are if,
A. It is flown indoors, such as a large warehouse or your house.
B. It is flown inside a totally enclosed netted cage or netted area in which it is separated from people.