PfCO questions

With 6 or more satellites what level of accuracy is claimed for DJI flight controllers?


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Also would I always need to conduct a crew briefing?

Yes pretty much as it is your responsibility to make sure the crew know any hazards you have identified and any vulnerable access points and what you want them to do e.g. stop people or let you know so you can take evasive action by landing or moving away. Even with regular crew, they may know standard procedures but not new identified hazards.

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what is the minimum distance of the drone from the ground station for takeoff?

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ahh ok

Whatever the pilot in comand deems safe.

@stevesb do you have a pfco?

30 metres unless you’re “in control” of the structure

Which structure @leeheyes? A ground station could be in a field with nothing nearby mate? :thinking:

@alexmciver I take it your doing some kind of online assessment?

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Just waiting for the actual pfco, paperwork was sent in 2 weeks ago.
The ground station is your controller basically, and as you are the pilot in command and the ground crew are under your control, then there is no minimum distance, it is what you feel safe with, as long as anyone / thing not under your control is at least 30m away at take off.
My drone was 2m away from me ( the ground station) at take off during my flight assessment.


Never heard the phrase before! I’d normally cone off an area a few metres across and stand outside that

I use cones / barriers to keep other people away from the drone and ME.

well sort of, yes because im currently finding answers to flight test questions that i maybe asked during my pfco flight test


One question I was asked was what is the ceiling height for my drone? It is not 400ft. For the mavic 2pro it’s 6000m. I got that right. Make sure you know your aircraft. Know your distances.
On take off make sure you check all movement, up, down, left, right, forward, back and yaw before commencing any of the required manoeuvres. Make sure your RTH height is set to account for the tallest structure you can see within 360 degrees and 1 mile of you.

ahh yes don’t worry takeoff has been drilled into me well by the great Simon Smith at Phantom Flight School, who I am doing my PfCO with


Hope you were able to take advantage of our Phantom Flight School exclusive member discounts :wink: