PfCO recommendations

I’m considering doing the PfCO but getting confused by the different courses and prices that are spread around the internet. Even seen someone online claiming there’s a way to do it for £50!

Anyone around Manchester/Stockport done it and would you recommend your course? value for money etc?


Hi @S_O I’m in Stockport did mine with Uplift Drones @ Knutsford highly recommend got through 100% support from Darren and his team did the fastrack ie in class but also had the online stuff for support once your signed up you get ongoing support even after PfCO


A second vote for Uplift Drones from me, @S_O.

Did mine online, but like @Mungmeister, got all the support I needed as I went. The course material was bang up to date. The support with my Ops Manual was terrific, without being so formulaic that I didn’t need to put the effort in to actually understand it. And the ongoing support after getting the PfCO is just as good.

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