PfCO - training recommendations

Anyone care to recommend any PfCO training courses other than UAV8?



Hi @Meelius and welcome to Grey Arrows,

Where are you based mate?

I did a quick bit on research on my local area but many of these do courses across the country. Not recommend s but some useful bits especially on length and prices.

From my research I was going to go for COPTRZ course until I found iRed, which is run about 3 miles from my home.


I only did mine the once :slight_smile: so I cant really compare! However, I went with commercial drone training as they were down West Country way and had nice accomodation onsite for a reasonable price.

Nice guys, very good training (but VERY full on, a lot to cover!)

If you go with them, I recommend the upgraded room and only do the 3 day course, dont bother with 5, you’ll just find they cram the same stuff in for the 3 dayers and then pad out the 5 day course with video editing and gumpf, which by the time you’re done with exam, you’ll be so frazzled you dont take in!


Birmingham based, but dont mind travelling for a good course.