PfCO training

With the latest bad press for drones (Gatwick). Today I have committed to a course with uav8. Not really interested in doing my flying for a commercial gain, just want to make sure I am doing it right. Also to have a bit more confidence in my flying.
Money at this time of the year is a concern, so I have booked for May, giving me the time to save the course fees. When speaking to them with some concerns, my mind was put at ease very quickly. We shall see how it goes. Thanks to this group sorting out a discount code much appreciated.


I’d like to just say that it’s not necessary to pay for a pfco just to learn to fly your drone, save money by joining a local model flying club that has model helicopter flying.

I’m not sure if the BMFA still has it’s A and B certificate achievement scheme guidance notes and graphics that lays out the course to fly. I passed their A certification in the mid 80’s, I also run a model helicopter flight school for about 8 years teaching all the fundamentals up to mild aerobatics.

Model helicopter pilots are a patient type that wouldn’t hesitate to help you in gaining far more experience than you could on a 2 day course.

I’m seriously thinking of restarting my flight school but mainly for multicopter type aircraft.


Hi, did join the local Facebook group who I think meet at the benefield flying ground. There was not much activity on the site and seen no mention of drones which was a bit off putting.
Yes I know I don’t (at this moment) need to do The training but believe this will change and just trying to pre empt.

Did you make use of the club discount?

I’m sure they’ll adjust for you if not.

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It’s going to be a busy 2019
I have decided to take my ticket after Xmas, with the Gatwick issue it’s going to get harder and harder to fly without people giving us grief…


Since you’re just up the road from me, why not come over for some free pointers.


Now that’s what I love about our Forum!,
“ Always the hand of help”
I am always up for helping people who want to learn about our hobby, as many on here will testify.
It should not always be about “ making a fast buck”, as I always say,“ to give, is better than, to receive”
Well done Njoro!, Top man

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Thank you Njoro, not the first offer of help to myself from you and it is very much appreciated. Hopefully we can meet sometime in the new year and start to clock up some knowledge and flying experience.

Here’s hoping 2019 turns out a better start than the end of 2018 !.
Roll on retirement TOMORROW ! , yippee, more time to fly !


Nice one on retirement, I have 2 years come March and can’t wait. Well done and enjoy.

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Thanks Richard, me Mavic 2 Pro was a retirement pressy, from me to me!

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Chris HAPPY Retirement. Can recommend it! HAPPY CHRISTMAS TOO. Hope we can meet in the New Year.

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@Skyrunner1, Well I look forward to meeting you in the new year.

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Thanks John,
Def get together early in the New year.
Happy Chrimbo!

Happy retirement for tomorrow!

Thanks Bud, see ya in the New year!

You old goat…

Good luck with the retirement Chris and all the best for the holiday season

Thanks Jeff, Happy Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family,
when you off on your travels?

First full week in January Chris
And will be using my new toy while there but not taking the drone I think it may be frowned on in the current news cycle

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