Phantom 3 standard for sale £270 ono [SOLD]

Hi, for sale i have my Phantom 3 standard, its about 12 months old, has no damage, has never been crashed. The p3s is in mint condition, has 2 sets of props( 1 never used still in thier protective plastic), 1 hard case 1 rucksack carry case, a car charger, a mains charger, 2 D.J.I. official batteries. Im looking for 270 but im open to offers. It will record in up to 2.5k flys straight n true. Hasnt missed a beat…Only selling as ive got a new mavic and i need the room.

Hi .
Just to add .
It will record in 2.7 and not 2.5.
It’s a decent quad but very limited on the range side without adding loads of extras and then it has less range than the Spark .
I have had 2 of them and then moved to the Advanved … That was a great drone .
Probably a little high on the price for a very old tech drone .
Sold mine for 200 with 2x battery’s and case + a tablet . It had all the extra range antenna gear and mods . But good luck …
Intact i still wish i had the Advanced . It was easy to get on with . Unlike the Mavic Pro i have now .

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Thanks for the correction, ive been out a fair distance but always stayed within vlos, was my first proper drone so she was handled with kid gloves. i might have priced her a little high, will adjust now…

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Price dropped to 225 ono

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Looks ok bro. Where about do you live?

Pontypool south wales