Phantom 4 Pro V1 range extender?

Hi all
I sold my Mavic Pro Platinum and bought the Phantom 4 Pro v1 as i wanted the better camera.
Absolutely no regrets on that score as the P4P 1 inch sensor camera is great.

However I do miss the FCC Boost mod I had on my Mavic’s, not because I like to fly 5 miles away but the video and control signal was always rock solid never a glitch regardless of how far I flew.

There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent mod for the P4P V1 (probably as it doesn’t use Ocusync) that I can find.

I’m getting reasonable range with the P4P but I do get the occasional video feed stutter and momentary black screen depending on local interference.

Has anybody had any experience with those parabolic range extenders you fit over the antennas?
Or is there something else out there for the P4P I’ve missed?


Hi Stu, Take a look at the 4Hawks range extenders

Have one for my Yuneec Typhoon and it has more than doubled the range with no video dropouts.

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NLD’s drone map now appears to be saying that they have a working FCC boost for the Phantom 4 Pro v1
I’m pretty sure last time I checked it wasn’t supported.

We’ve a discount deal in place with MaxxUAV too, also worth a browse of their site.

Do not have your credit card nearby though, I warn you now, it’s a proper candy store :rofl: