Phantom 4 - RTK - Unable to Connect / Remote Controller ID


I have just bought a new Phantom 4 RTK and I can’t connect to it - and looking for support. Thank you in advand.

The app talks to the controller. Controller shows green light for the connecting to the drone - but the app cant talk to the drone. I have two very different issues:

iPad - app installs, signed in. P4 updated/firm ware from DJI Assistant 2 (drone and remote) - unable to see the drone from the ipad. This wont connect. I have two ipads, path have the same issue

Android. I got the latest version of the APK from DJI, installed that on the mobile, updated the firmware on the drone and the remote (just in case). This will connect to the drone, this sees the drone. However. (1) blades will not spin up as a test and (2) I am getting the same error over and over again

“Strong signal interference. Change remote controller ID and re-link. Avoiding grey IDs is recommended due to the signal interferecne”.

I have tried changing this and re linkining, it connects and it looks like it appears to work, but then doesn’t.

I do not see this error with the iPad and dont even see the option to change the remote controller ID on the iPad.

So - two separate errors on two different O/S. Any suggestions?



Have you tried resetting the controller?

You can hold the three bars on the right side of DJI GO 4 for 10 seconds to refresh the firmware. Alternatively, you can turn on the RC, hold C1, C2, and the record button, then turn off and turn on the RC again to check.

A spanish video here, but you can put the subtitles on an click auto translate to English in settings.

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Is the sequence the same for the RTK’s Occusync transmitter, that only shows the Lightbridge of the original P4/P4P?


Thank you for this, really appreciated it.

I managed to get this connected in the end. I tried numerous handset, firmware updates and versions of the app. I am still having other issues - which I started a thread on here (which probably wasn’t the best thing for me to do)

P4 RTK - “Strong Interference” - Any Ideas? - Questions & Answers - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK

Thanks again for the help so far- its really appreciated.