Phantom Pro 4 V2 Back in Stock

It appears the Phantom Pro 4 V2 is back in stock with DJI - subject to delivery time of 20 ~ 25 days :thinking: :thinking: :+1:


Yep it looks as though it is, I wonder how long it will be in stock for??

It is also in stock at Drones Direct but £200 more.
What difference does the V2 + make? Not familiar with the differences and there seem to be a couple of variations.

Not sure why anyone would pay more for a p4 pro when you can get a mp2 cheaper with a better camera? the p4 pro does include a controller screen though.

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Ill stick with my P4 and Spark lol may invest in a mavic pro this year though

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Sorry! Thought I saw a + somewhere in the ad. No such thing just the V2 Pro a bit cheaper.
Off to Specsavers.

Yeah but only a small 5.5" one, thats smaller than my phone for goddness sake!

Okay, you didn’t see things, here are the main differences.
The P4P uses Lightbridge and you either use a phone or tablet for the screen, the P4P+ has a screen on the controller.
The P4P V2 uses OcuSync and different ESC’s, again you use a phone or tablet as the screen but you can also use the Racing Edition goggles, the difference with the P4P+ again is the attached screen on the controller.
You can use the goggles with the V1 but you have to use a cable and update the controller with a HDMI module.

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Thanks @MementoMori . I did eventually suss the + meant “with screen” so cancelled visit to Specsavers for another time.

On the matter of screens. Since the V2 has OcuSync can it use a Smart Controller as controller? The Enterprise models have fairly recently updated firmware which allows them to use a SC but I can’t find anything to suggest the P4P V2 can - as yet. Anyone know?

I’m a bit puzzled as to why DJI are now pushing the V2. Maybe clearing the decks for something new? I have an SC and a decent tablet so increasing the drone fleet is a bit tempting! I don’t need one but when has that ever been a reason not to?

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Looked at that yesterday .

The 5.5" screen is an option you can get the P4P V2 without the screen, so the screen is the only thing that makes it the +

Isn’t that what I said? :confused:

Yeah sorry, my fault not reading the whole thing. £230 seems a lot for a 5.5"screen.

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You did confuse me :laughing:
I don’t know how good the screens are but I prefer my iPad, never thought I’d be saying that when I bought my first P4 :smile:

So the unanswered question remains will the V2 WITHOUT the screen (which is essentially a built in Smart Controller) work with a Smart Controller Android screen given that V2 has OcuSync. I would have that option as well as an iPad option if I decided to get one minus screen.

I doubt very much it would work with the smart controller, as you said the one with the screen is effectively a smart controller. I would ask DJI, unless anyone here has already asked them.

Found this :

… also contacted DJI support and they said not compatible - so I guess its still in the pipeline.

Thanks @Jhdee . I checked with Drones Direct and they said not yet compatible watch for firmware updates.

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