Pharmaceutical Payload Drone

I have searched for the question and answers to this and I think I have found at least one sensible answer. But most threads then divert off into banter and nonsense.

I am looking into which drone would be suitable for carrying medicine, pharmaceutical supplies? Not sure of max load yet, distance maybe up to 6 miles, probably less than that. I have thought about the Phantom and Matrice but wanted others’ opinions.


What’s your budget?

Here are a few to chose from:

And many more here:

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If you are looking at reliably flying a distance, maintaining both control and good picture from the drone (so you can see where you are landing) there are a number of aircraft available A hybrid drone with rotors for VTOL and propellers and wings for distance flight may be the answer.

One company that seems to have a wide range of payload carrying aircraft is Foxtech, give them a try

Lond distance control and video systems are also available from their site

Another consideration is going to be weight of drone and pilot qualifications.

If your operation is to always fly from fixed point A to fixed point B things will be easier than if the delivery point varies. And the take off and landing points are also something to take into consideration - are they deep in an industrial, residential or commercial area? Will everyone within a 50 metre radius be aware of the aircraft and involved in the operation? Are they end points in isolated countryside but with a town in between?

From one fixed point to another will at least allow you to work out a route that doesn’t infringe any laws and submit it to the CAA for approval (if you or your operations officer and pilot have the necessary qualifications).

If the intention is to fly from a fixed base and make deliveries to varying addresses as the need arises you have a different and more difficult scenario. Unless your contract is with Trinity House to fly urgent medicines to lighthouse keepers you will have a great deal of correspondence with the CAA. I don’t see that it would be possible to react to a medical emergency and stay within the law but I am only speculating, your best bet is to contact the CAA with your plans and get their opinion. They are quite a friendly bunch!

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Any updates for us @WhiteHawk67 ?

Some great advice from everyone, my company is still in the planning process, although looking at the option below

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