PhillyDroneLife fined $182,000 by FAA

Someone else hosting it. The OG video starts around 2 mins in

That is a trick bit of flying :flushed:

Incredible distance. I wonder what these proposed delivery drones range is going to be allowed ? Must admit at being disappointed that authorities are prosecuting hobbyists for distance flying, but are prepared to allow companies ( no doubt paying lots of money) :wink:, to have trials of these BVLOS drones. Think I need to win £30 million on the lottery. Hmmmmm


Heh true. I mean he’s a clever bloke and you can’t argue that’s a little.beyond LOS. A man in his situation knowledge and support of community could surely have applied to CASA over in Oz to get some kind of permit. I dunno how hard it is over there.

Whilst that flight was autonomous (ardupilot) for the majority of the flight they always had vision (the other end had goggles etc when he lost video), so could have always been brought back into manual control.

I don’t think Warty in this instance could be too upset for the fine (he framed the letter tbh as proof he flew 100km) lol. Shame all his content is gone though (no videos on there at all). Wasn’t the only LR testing and video he’s put out.

Until North Korea or some other bad country commandeers them mid air and flies them into something important. We all know how good the security is for most major companies in the world. How long do you think until someone hacks the servers at Amazon and flies them all into something newsworthy. I really wouldn’t trust anything flying in the air being controlled by computers, only stuff with a human element in it that can at least try and stop it doing stuff like that.

The fine mentioned in the initial contact letter is always outrageous, but the FAA do settle for a more sensible amount. Not just drones, commercial aviation gets the same treatment. As long as you make the effort and talk nicely, most of the FAA Inspectors are reasonable and only really interested if you cause a problem or make it obvious you are breaking the rules.

In the US, if you want to use drone footage on YouTube which is monetised, you must have a Part 107. If you just want to fly for fun, it is pretty straightforward. If someone offers to buy your video/photo, it is not a problem, but the FAA would consider it commercial if you sold more than two or three videos/photos.

In many respects, it is at a very similar to the UK.