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Not sure how to explain?? I am having issues with phone images from Drone? so my Phone used to handle images from Drone no issues, now it pixelates and seems to not Keep up with drone image. i find myself trying to tap to focus to get the image on phone to stabilize? It was ok on old version of App.
I have done a fair bit of “Fiddling” about. LOL its not a biggy, but if im flying a distance its difficult to see where i am located and having to hit the RTH button… I am currently running new version of GO4 app (Android) , MP is 1.4.100 i think, though parameters heavily modded? I have tried a few in app, but looking to roll back if poss just to see if it makes a diff? any help greatly appreciated…

I’m not on iOS, but I know there were lots of similar comments post 1.4.xx release.
As far as I’d read (or as a result of not seeing the same comments), I thought this had been resolved … but I think it was resolved as a result of later Go4 releases.
Are you on latest Go4?

Sorry, i will edit post - On android app, and i think i am on newest go4, thats what i meant… i might roll back FW to 1.3.700 to check, its not a biggie

Haha! OK - me too … not had this issue once. Strange how things vary.
I do (usually) use a dedicated device … totally uncluttered.

I just thought i might try updating FW, just to see what it was like…

I’m on the 1.4.100 Modded too … but latest Android still.

What device are you using?

Since the GO4 app was released, a lot of the devices that worked well initially no longer do.

DJI seem to make it more resource hungry with little to show for it.

Since your on android I’d roll back to the last app version it worked with and take if from there.

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Samsung Phone, J6 never had an an issue before, so rolling back FW and see if that helps, if not will rollback on GO4 too…

Might try an app killer too??

Generally, pixelation issues are app/device related.

Start with GO4, roll that back.

Like @OzoneVibe said it’s probably device/app related.

Do you have local caching enabled? If so try disabling it, less work for your cpu.

Like I said it can work fine on device with one app then run like shit on future versions. DJI are not the best at optimisation.

Ok, bit of an update, after flash and reflash and refookin flash, i have opted for everything up to date. disabled local caching, removed unused apps and games (daughter hijacks phone from time to time) closed background apps… Fiddled with rooting and remove NFZ. and all was well, however, it wouldnt take off until i updated the nfz? anyhow photos prove it flies and comes back, i was getting an out of signal message, when going straight up, but that seems to have “cured” itself… managed to get to 500m limit with no message… still not 100% happy with video on phone, but will persevere and change settings within app and see how it goes…

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