Phone Apps Recommendations List

Is there a generally accepted list of the most help apps to get on your phone as a drone pilot. Obviously the DJI app is a must, but I also have “Drone Assist” by

What’s everyone else using a does anyone have any recommendations?


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Make sure and login with your GADC details for the good stuff.


There are some apps listed in the GADC Member Information Pack too.

(which can be found in the #members-only category)

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Mine, although I don’t use half of these. UAV Forecast probably most often! I also keep a shortcut to Grey Arrows, of course, but that’s on the home screen.


And mine… still adding to the list.

Easy VFR Basic.
SkyDemon Lite if you use IOS

I use a few of the above but also use the Met Office weather app, it gives good weather reports and you can save different locations so you can see where the weather will be better before heading out.

I have Drone Assist, but don’t bother with AirMap as it is basically a copy of Drone Assist, stick with the original.

Is there any good apps for my phone for my drone?. Any apps that help with photos,video, flying.

Many thanks people

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Here what I have on mine, I’m sure there’s a lot more.

Also see…

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Moved your post over to the pre-existing thread that was kindly suggested by @McSteamy2010 (and saved me looking for it! :+1: )

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