Photo Publication - News Agency

I was very very fortunate to get a random, unedited drone shot published in The Times today. I see the images and footage put together on here and am amazed at the eye for a shot and skill of y’all- nothing I’ve done compares!

Totally green on this kind of thing so hope it’s ok to post what I did… Basically sent a collection of shots (just on my phone from the DJI app, not even full quality) to a news agency who put it out on their wire for newspapers to pickup on anything that takes their interest.

Guy I used is Tony Halliday at Triangle News ( Mention Paul sent you his way. I’m not making anything from this- Just so in awe of some of the work you guys put in that it should be viewed by the masses, and you may even get some recompense if it’s published!


What was the picture?