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I have been asked to try and restore a black and white photo of my dad. It is an old passport photo from many years ago and in pretty poor condition.There are creases, a liquid spill of some sort, dust, the embossing from the passport stamp. I am getting there very slowly but my editing skills are very rough indeed. I have PS and Lightroom at my disposal and have scanned the photo to a tiff at 600dpi. Are there any options available to make this a little more automated or is it just going to take time? Any tips or hints you could share?

Photoshop can probably achieve what you want. But it will be all manual and a lot lof effort.

I use Topaz Gigapixel (enhance resolution) and Topaz Photo (restores old photos). It is very quick.

Feel free to message me the photo if you want. I will run it through the Topaz suite and return it to you.


Thanks Chris very good of you. I’m just trying to find the max optical resolution of my scanner. But it might be easier to get the tripod out and take a pic with the dlsr.

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When I was down at my folks, I used my crappy Amazon phone to capture a load of their old photos, some from 100 years ago. If I had my DSLR with me, they’d definitely have come out better.

This is just one of them that I have run through the Topaz Suite in under 3 minutes …



I then take it and do my edits in PS, to remove the creases, etc.


WOW!!! That’s some difference.

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Here is one I did in photoshop. Takes a bit of time but is worth the effort.


The most recent Computer Active mag issue 651 comes out 15th Feb £ 2.80 has a really good article on restoring Photos and Videos

This is one I did for one of my wedding client’s Granny (that’s her on the bike). Took me a couple of hours. I made her a black & white print and a sepia print.


Thanks to Chris I now have something worth printing out, cheers mate, much appreciated. I’ll post before and after pictures shortly. I have tried downloading Topaz photo AI but my processor isn’t capable of running it, something to do with AMX or VMX and my cpu not being man enough for the task. One of these days I’ll get round to upgrading!

Amazing how these are restored, great technology ….


dad new


Did you do that Darren, mate what a transformation, :+1:t2:

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no that was done by @clinkadink

My dads passport photo when he moved from South Africa to Scotland, would have been mid 60’s I guess?

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Looks brilliant, I bet your pleased, looks brand new …….

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Ahh, missed this thread. It’s something i do in my spare time.


Nice job on the cage removal :slight_smile:

Someone posted a link to a website that was great for this kind of restoration, but I can’t seem to find the thread or the post now :roll_eyes:

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Possibly Colourizing for fun?

Though, as the title says, more for AI colouring of a B&W image.

There area apps … Pixelup is one.

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It is impressive what that site does, though.

eg. this, for @clinkadink’s edit of @mynameisjoe’s pic …

Of course - it doesn’t mean these are the correct colours … but still impressive, and a little work in PS could further improve.


Affinity Photo is great for this kind of work. :ok_hand:

The latest version of Photoshop now has a Neural Filter that makes a pretty good stab at photo restoration :+1:

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