Photos not syncing to phone

All of a sudden* I’m not getting photos stored on my phone.

Video is fine and dandy.

Yes, setting for HD photo sync is on.

Done a full camera settings reset - no change.

Anyone any thoughts as to what to check?

*This is not as a consequence of firmware rolling, yesterday. I checked back and there was a day a while ago when syncing stopped working. It was a blooming cold day and, whilst I noticed at the time, being in the middle of a 3 hour walk I forgot to follow up.

Edit: Actually, It was because of the firmware rolling that I confirmed the problem.
_I wanted to find out if the photo counter had reset. … it hadn’t, which in itself, for my Aspergic/ComplolsiveObsessive mind was ridiculously important. :stuck_out_tongue: _

Note to DJI: FFS give us a date option for file names!!

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Oh boy do I understand your OCD pain here mate!!!

Bloody hell, my first Mavic Pro was absolutely brilliant, I loved it to pieces but it was plagued with the dreaded black frames camera flaw.

When I replace it for the second one, I could have cried when I found out there was no way to increase the camera filename numbers :cry:

Know what I did?

I sat in the kitchen, changed the camera mode to take 5x photos at a time (mode name escapes me) and I literally sat there and took three hundred plus photos of the wall, to bump the filenames up :cry:

You can imagine the tears (and the expletives) when that drone also had to be replaced a few months later for my third Mavic :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You mean the cached ones?

I can’t remember, are you Android or iOS?

Have you tried a different device to determine if the problem is on the drone end of things or the device end?

Your solution was already lined up had the counter reset! LOL!
Date format makes so much sense.
Also, when I first had the MP, I’d copied some pics to the laptop, reformatted, took more pics, and copied to the same location.
Thinking I was doing like my DSLR and copying basically the same pics with a few more added, I accidentally overwrote the initial 0001.jpg-0022.jpg files. It did warn me. But it’s so easy to do the wrong thing when you’re convinced you’re doing the right thing,
Date format would prevent that … for ever! (Unless you take pics between 1am and 2am on the final Sunday of October … :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually, they were there, just the Gallery not updating dynamically … for some reason. Discovered that a few mins ago,
My drone-phone has a screen issue - it’s going back under warranty - so when it’s back I’ll investigate some more.
Definitely, originally, they showed up in the gallery immediately.

I find myself revisiting this thread today, looking for some inspiration…

I’ve a few hundred photos taken with my Mavic Pro so the filenames are up to DJI_0516.JPG for example.

Now I have an Inspire, the filenames all start DJI_0005.JPG and DJI_0006.JPG etc…

You know where I’m going with this already, right?

So I thought I’d cheat and edit the last photo filename on the MicroSD card to over five thousand in order to somehow keep them separate so I renamed the last photo on the card to DJI_5001.JPG - I also deleted all previous photos so this was the only file on the card.

I put the card back in the Inspire, took a few photos, popped the card back in to the PC only to find they carried on from DJI_0007.JPG and the previously-renamed DJI_5001.JPG was still sitting there, surrounded by lower numbers :sob:

Any suggestions would be very welcomed!

Yup, the numbering is independent of what’s on the card, otherwise it would always start at 0001 after a card reformat (which it doesn’t if you have the numbering set to continuous - as I do), or put in a new card, second card, etc.

So wish the file names were date style.

I have been contemplating running all my photo/video archive through a PC utility “Bulk Rename Utility” that allows you to do many things, including use the Exif data (date/time taken, for me), to rename files.
Then, whichever camera they come from they are in a logical sequence.

Where’s the “last filename used” value stored I wonder? In the app? On the AC? What happens if you take a photo using Litchi? I’m guessing the AC remembers the last used value? :thinking:

Well, it was bad enough when I had to take a few hundred photos to bump my Mavic numbers, I’m defintely not taking a few thousand!

Was also wondering what happens after DJI_9999.JPG, does it go back to DJI_0001.JPG?!

Is that the exact name of the app? Or you mean just a generic renaming tool?

It’d make hell of a lot more sense… and if it’s a quick and easy task to do while copying the files over from the SD card, sign me up!

As best I’ve determined, it’s in the Mavic itself.
Definitely not the app … number continues when I’ve changed device … or not had a device attached (it has happened … in a hurry … just the RC.)
And, as you say, the numbers continue if you use Litchi.

Had hoped that “Next Number” would be available when I hacked the firmware … couldn’t find it, though.

After 9999 … you by the MP2 and start all over. :rofl:

Yup - Brirish, too! :+1:

Once you have a profile set up, easy to recall and apply to new files.
Lots of filter selection criteria, preview what the names will be afterward before you hit “Go”.

You can choose to leave the DJI bit in, or even have it after the date. Or even have “MP” / “Inspire” in there … tho I think you’d have to select the files that were each yourself if not in the Exif.

Edit: The camera name is in the Exif … that could be a selector to add MP/Inspire, because I’m sure the Inspire camera won’t be the same “FC220”. :wink:

Would this help?

Seems a very manual method. Wading back through 18 months of MP pics and manually renaming with the date, etc, would take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! :wink:

Edit: Also, getting the correct date/time can be tricky. Moving files (particularly via Android as I had to do when my laptop packed up and couldn’t be used for backups whilst in Italy for 3 months) can change the easy to see file date/time. The ACTUAL date/time taken is always in the Exif data, and the app above (and similar) can change the file name to include the date/time taken on thousands of images, all with different dates/times … in less than 1 second.

Incidentally, the app above (possibly other similar apps, too) can also use the Exif date/time to reset the file date/time if this has been lost as a result of copying/moving … particularly via Android that insists on replacing that with the date/time of the copy/move. So annoying!

I must get around to doing the massive exercise that’s lurking. Winter time is approaching … :+1:

I love those Brirish developers, they make some great stuff :wink:

Dave… I think this bulk renamer tool might be the solution :+1:

With just a few clicks I’m able to rename an entire folder full of files with a custom date formate (I’m a huge fan of YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) and still keep the original DJI filename on the end:

My custom date formula is:


I’ll play around with it some more later, but this looks like it could solve everything :smiley:


I find it a brilliant and totally flexible tool. … AND FAST! :+1:

The preview is great for confidence, too.

Fast doesn’t quite cover it!

I ran 250 files through it as a quick test, it took less than two seconds :open_mouth:

And that was COPYING them too! (not just renaming existing ones)

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I can’t believe DJI don’t use it. Makes so much sense.

They actually change the file name (to something totally incomprehensible) for synced images on the phone … to avoid a name clash! #Duh

Any idea how I pull that value out Dave?

And/or if FC220 is found, can I replace that with ‘Mavic’ somehow?

I have been using a program for PC called “Magic File Renamer”
it will alter virtually any file extension, and/or its name, to your liking, and you can tweak it around to add more or less anything into the name, and keep sequential numbers.
Would not be without it !!.
You can add name/number at the beginning, or at the end, the choice is unlimited.

Once setup, will rename ALL files at the click of a mouse !!

Hmmm, just found a flaw in my renaming plan.

The bulk renamer can’t pull “date taken” from the DNG or MP4 files - dur… I didn’t think of that…

@chrisjohnbaker that looks a similar too, can it do anything extra mate? (re DNG/MP4?)

Ummm … not sure.
Currently between two days of beer festivals.
Will look tomorrow when my brain is working again. :wink:

it will rename more or less any wording or numbering of any file I have tried, or its main title/name.
I would say you are asking a big ask to get the date, etc from the attributes of a file
from my Computer Experience of 20 years, i do not know of a program that’s capable of that.
It is part of the metadata date/time stamp that the camera digitally imprints into the file attributes.

The one above does just that. :+1:


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