Photos of bridges over River Dee and Loch Kinord

On todays travels looking for targets for the Bridge challenge, I drove Aberdeen to Braemar on A93. Parking up at the Invercauld Estate car park. 40 minute walk into the heart of Ballachbuie Forest and you find the Falls of Garbh Allt bellow,

To get to Ballochbuie forest you have to pass the new Bridge of Dee, below

while standing on the Auld Bridge of Dee or the Auld Military Invercauld Bridge, part of General Wades masterplan of Military Roads from the Highlands to the Lowlands 1749 to 1754. below

then on the drive home on the A93, stopped off in a layby to grab a few pics of Loch Kinord, just outside Dinnet. Care must be taken flying here as its not too far away from the Aboyne glider area.

All taken today with Mini 2.


Nice one great photos

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