Photos taken along the River Test in the Test Valley - in Hampshire

I had the opportunity to fly my mini2 along parts of the river early Sunday morning and was using the AEB setting for the first time and thought I’d post these.

I’ve wanted to see what the drones view of the river was for a while now, it’s a chalk stream - not many of these around, the chalk in the soil filters the water coming out of springs and this accounts for the crystal clear water that flows from the chalk downs at Inkpen, to Eling and from there into Southampton Water.

The first one was taken with a CPL filter, ISO 100, 1/400 ss, no AEB

The next 2 were taken with a ND32 filter using AEB and then merging in lightroom , all with ISO 400 and ranging from 1/60 → 1/100 shutter speed.

This is the first time I’ve posted photos, keen to see if I get this process correct.