Photoshop Skillz?


Was having a bit of a play with Photoshop earlier and decided to see if i could edit out most of the people visible in a few photo’s i took whilst in Mexico… :sunglasses:

Feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Nice bit of work … although one has to wonder how cold the water must be if nobody’s swimming. LOL

Edit: Or how big the sharks are! :wink:


Really good job but I feel sorry for the dude sitting in bottom left… Looked like he was on to a sure thing :rofl:


Yeah that’s why i left the guy there, thought it would be funny :rofl:

Maybe i should add a shark in there somewhere… :face_with_monocle:


Seriously impressive work Alex!!!

That actually made me laugh out loud :rofl:


Content aware, clone or other means?


A mixture of those yeah, almost no manual work so to speak. I did about 50% with the patch tool as it seemed to hold the texture better, the content aware healing tool often left a visible spot where the brush was used.


It looks good, content aware is a very clever tool when it works well, I’ve found smaller is better sometimes.


What people …lol