Picture this

So all day I’ve been wanting to get the drone registration completed but trying to do it at work was just near on impossible… so i set a plan on what i was going to do tonight once i got home. Its a beautiful clear night, moon is nice a bright stars twinkling I’m sure you can picture the scene…

The wife calls to tell me she’s gonna be home late so i decided to wait for her to get home have dinner then go out firework display hunting with the drone, she gets home I’m in the middle of doing the drone registration and passed first time with flying colours 20/20 :ok_hand::wink:

Dinner is done stuffed it down my neck like a ravenous wolf, checked over my M2P’s battery levels and such, put everything away jacket on went out side started the truck got 2 mins down the road and the heavens opened :cloud_with_rain::umbrella:… not happy :angry::triumph::sob:

I just hope i get another opportunity one night this week because when i looked at the last forecast its not looking good at all any day this week :weary:


I’ve been there many a time mate, there will be other opportunities, probably with more adverse weather conditions as soon as you get to where you planned the perfect shoot in your head :zipper_mouth_face::rofl:


Shit happen Booney . Always does .

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