Ive stripped down my tinyhawk freestyle whilst looking for a fault.

In my haste and after a few drinks I’ve snipped the wrong pins off (the ones from the fc to the tiny sled)

So I need to replace them but the ones that came with my vtx and rx are too big ( I didn’t know they came in different sizes)

Anyone know a good uk based vendor for these?
The spare ones id bought are too big sadly.

Howard, Do you mean the jst connectors like these


Sorry mate, no I’m looking for a thinner and rounder version of these

Pin headers

I get them from eBay but all mine are 2.54 mm i think

Thanks, Wayne, I’ll check eBay and see what I can find.

I’ll send you these I have loads

Message me your address


Thanks for the kind offer.

Literally just ordered a load. It’s the gap between them which I think is called the pitch.
The ones I currently have are 2.54 but they are too big. So i’ve ordered 1.27 and upwards which should fit.

To fit the holes above

Thanks again mate - much appreciated