Piste bashing

Pretty cool footage, although shame they couldn’t put some music to it…


I can’t get that video to play @Nelmo

Have you got a YouTube version?

Works for me.

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Sorry, no - just copied off FB…

Love to be Abel to do this or should I say the balls🤣 It has the sound of a screaming FPV

Doesn’t play for me either :man_shrugging:

Plays on my win 10 and android s9

I don’t have a Facebook account, might just be that.

Plays for me too, on I phone, no FB account

Have you tried copy the link, I just tried that in another browser that also works :+1:t2:

I copied the link into the same browser (Safari) and it opened in FB - I do have a FB account :man_shrugging:
Using an old MacBook Air running Catalina OS 10.15.7.

@Jhdee i put it in google just for ref, it works where ever for me. No FB as said

No FB account logged in ANYWHERE! :face_vomiting:

Win 10 - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave - all OK

Android - Chrome, Firefox, Brave - all OK.

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Strange how for some but not for others :thinking:

Edit, don’t some Wi-Fi’s have content restriction A stab in the dark, No clue