Places to fly in the peak district

Any ideas?

Peak District: Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene

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Great, many thanks


Am looking to fly in the areas of either Cat & Fiddle or Snake Pass in the next couple of weeks. Is there anyone familiar with the areas that can give me any pointers please (parking locations, etc.)

I currently have mobility issues so walking off into the moors isn’t really an option unfortunately so any pointers would be great.


Following lol. I drive snakes pass now and then with work.

Moved your post over to this previous thread - to keep everything in one place. :+1:

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I was heading over to the Peak District this weekend with my emtb and my drone but it looks like it’ll be with my emtb only after reading this :

Theyre pretty much saying ‘Dont bother’ right?!


If drones were silent then that would be half the battle for us genuine hobbyists. Although in the same breath im not sure id be happy with the further implications of a silent drone with better cameras and longer ranges. :thinking:

Fly it anyway.


Sound advice! :grin: packs drone into bag

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The Peak District NP policy only applies to land they own. Don’t know what they own? Me neither.