Places to fly near a pub

Ok I visited this place a number of years ago and wondered if anyone had flow here
I know pingspike lives not to far away
There is a pub nearby plus it’s in the northwest anyone interested?
Some photos I took back then

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Looks deserted there Jeff!

Ideal for drone flying :wink:

Never been there before, like you say, despite living not far from there at all.

I’d imagine the views from several hundred feet above that point would be pretty spectacular too :+1:

Ive been there a few times, its not too far from me. Not been the best weather when I have gone, hopefully I will time it right one day.
I think they do some park runs there too, as I found out one lovely sunny day when I got there, and turned round and went somewhere else


I’ll make one in for a visit.
How far away is the pub Jeff?
Is it cheap?


Don’t know how much it was as it was closed when I went Mick

It’s your shout anyway. Hope it’s expensive