Plain vanilla ND or ND/PL?

I’m thinking of getting a set of ND filters for my recently arrived Mini 2. I won’t need a UV (pretty much worthless) or a C/PL (not possible to adjust while the drone is in the air) so I was looking at a set of ND4/8/16/32 but there are also ‘dual’ ND/PL sets that offer the same settings with a (presumably non-adjustable) C/PL element to reduce reflections and glare. I’m not sure if there would be any benefit to these over the standard ones. Anyone with any experience of these care to make a suggestion?


I am interested in this also.

The optimum effect from a polarising filter is when it’s at 90 degrees from the direction of the sun and is of little use when pointing directly at or away from it. However, by rotating the polarised element it is possible to alter the effect, so in my opinion it is worthwhile setting it before taking off. This can be done simply by looking through it and adjusting before attaching to the camera. I think that a stand alone CPL would be more suited to still photography when shutter speed becomes less important and motion blur is not required. For videography, when ND filters are required, combined ND/CPL items may well be a good compromise. If the polarisation is not required for a shot, turning the polarised element to negate the effect would essentially give you a plain ND filter. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a polariser with a fixed element, it makes them more single use. Just for information, I have fitted a UV to both my Mini 2 and MA2 purely to afford some protection for the lens. I would rather try to clean dead insects, dirt or fingerprints from a filter than the lens itself.

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Thanks @Mouldy, that was my reasoning too. As much of my video will be around rivers, lakes and sea, I figured the ND/CPL would be more useful simply to cut down on glare. As I don’t need professional quality my plan is just to stick on what I think is the most appropriate filter for the conditions and go fly. I don’t mind changing filters on my camera, but I’m too lazy to keep landing a drone to change them. :grinning:

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