Planting a flag on my mates roof

I have a mate who I have loads of banter with about football. I want to plant a flag on his roof and send him the pictures.
I have watched YouTube tests showing the weight a MP can lift and it looks like a lb is maximum where it’s not straining.
A flag with plastic pole is only a matter of ounces but the keeping up on the roof and releasing mechanics is my problem. I have access to a 3d printer and PLA filament is light. Any suggestions from you guys please?

A ladder?


If you search eBay for “electronic timer lock” you’ll find something that would work, possibly?

It has other … “cough” … uses. :rofl:

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Some of that No nails gunge.
Stick it on his ridge tiles or chimney stack if there is one.
Simple loop hook under mavic to allow easy release.

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Great idea but it can only be temporary: he’s a handy lad.