Plas Newydd Anglesey A quick video


@Hoover …nice short video but did you take a still image as well , that shot with the reflection on the water will look brilliant , not as good if you grab a still from your video

Reversing shots always make me nervous! :upside_down_face:

If they weren’t using an ND filter then the chances are that single frames taken from video will be as good as if they’d taken a still photo (as it’s likely there won’t be any motion blur between video frames).

Nice shot. Did you render this directly from DJI Fly app? Reason I ask is the 720p resolution and slight jutter in the video (noticeable on the wall at water’s edge as you pull back).

Hi yes it was done on the phone, I didn’t bother to download the HD version off the card, as it was such a grey miserable damp day.

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Hi yes there is a still image somewhere, I will upload it if I can find it.

As it was such a cold grey miserable damp day, I didnt bother too much with the footage.

Ha agreed, but there was nothing to crash it into in the distance I went.

Fair enough! You’ll find the cached/phone versions of videos often suffer from some jutter/dropped frames, in addition to the lower resolution. You’re probably already aware but thought I’d mention it :+1:t2: