Platinum Props Louder?


First flight today in the garden, impatience… anyway…I have the standard Mavic Pro and first flew with the standard props… started up really silent… took off… a bit louder but quite acceptable (windy here today)

Video is quite stunning… but had to be careful as neighbours were cocking an eye… I was ethical :slight_smile:

Then stuck some genuine Platinim props on… and guess what… startup was louder… and take off and whole experience louder… what?!

These are genuine Platinum props from Jessops UK… boxes etc all legit… seems a bit rubbish?

What is your experience?

I gave them a try but quickly went back to originals.

They did seem quieter at distance, at 400ft I could barely hear them.
Up close I didn’t notice much except the change in pitch.

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Hi there @jedpause and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

There was quite a bit of debate last year around these props. Get comfy, this thread is kinda long :wink:

I’ve not tried them myself so I can’t offer any advice on this one I’m afraid!

I’m sure someone will be along soon who has first hand experience :smiley:


@callum came along while I was typing :smiley:


OK I’ll take them out again and do a like for like… the silence I like, to keep away the nosey parkers… and make it more pleasant for all concerned…thanks :slight_smile:

After take off I usually gain altitude, rapidly. Then fly off somewhere :slight_smile:

That said though, it’s not often I fly anywhere that there are people… I prefer to fly without an audience :blush:

By the way Jed, have you seen our interactive map of places to fly?


Hadn’t seen that, thanks… are those official places to fly or just locations members have been?


Not sure what you mean by ‘official’ mate? They’re all places that people have flown… some are public places, some are (probably) not… :blush:

Check out some threads here too:

If you spot any of interest you can always reply there with any questions about that location :smiley:

Hiya Rich… What I meant was places we can happily fly without getting onto trouble :wink:

You just need to use your own judgment every time you fly.

Have you read drone code? As long as you follow that, 50m from people or structures, 150m from built up areas and 5km away from any airport.

Try take off from public property and stay well clear of people. As long as your sensible you can fly pretty much anywhere and no one will bother you.

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I’ve ordered the gold ones, will let you know if they’re any different (I have the original MP also)