Playing footage straight to my telly

I have an LG telly, nothing fancy , not a smart telly at all.
When I record and flights I want to put the USB card reader into the telly and play.
What format should I be recording in please.


That depends on the capability of the TV, really. Try different formats and see which is the best resolution that it can handle well.
Don’t forget, if that’s 1080, you are stuck with 1080 for editing.
If you record in higher resolution, even if you are only interested in creating 1080 edits (that’s all I tend to do) then you have the chance to crop the higher res without loss of quality.
Half my life seems to be cluttered with cards and card readers (and losing a card through the gap in the floorboards meaning EVERYTHING had to be moved and boards taken up!!!) … so I limit myself to just copying to my laptop’s external drives and playing to the TV via an HDMI cable or Chromecast.
(There’s an Apple equivalent to Chomecast if you operate in that world. :wink: )

Thanks Dave
some food for thought that.

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