Playing with Pano Stitching Programs


I’ve been checking out pano stitching progs (Windows) … for interactive pano and tiny-planet images.
Blimey … that was a serious lot of work!
Still some more to check … but basically I keep coming back to Microsoft’s ICE as the overall best bet.

  • It works … most of the time!
  • It 's fast!
  • It’s free!
  • It’s dead easy (by comparrison) to use!

All the others I’ve tested are between “a lot slower” and “a massive lot slower still!”. They add more tools, that aren’t really necessary if you ensure you have good detail in all the images. As a result, I was using the examples below to test, since the surface of the 5-a-side court was very low on detail.

Interestingly, in PTGui (£££ - I was using the trial version.) I had to manually create some “control points” for 4 images (which takes serious concentration and a load of time to do on such a featureless surface) for it to correctly render the panoramas below.
When I eventually got the correct settings in ICE, it worked fine. These posts are from ICE (with a bit of Photoshop in the Interactive 360 to make the sky above the sky look pretty! :wink: ).


Surprisingly, although PTGui happily accepts the Mavic’s RAW files, it was slightly less success successful stitching the same pano, despite far greater detail without all the JPEG compression manifestations to confuse it.
Perhaps the loss of detail in the JPEGs actually makes it easier for the prog to find “significant” items to link the images. :wink: