Playing with the Insta360

Just a simple edit, nothing fancy, playing with the One X, a 3m selfie stick and the T5.1


Great stuff, all done on the app ?

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Apart from adding the music and some colour in Davinci @milkmanchris

Can you create interactive 360 YouTube video from it?

I haven’t tried yet Dave but I believe you can.

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Interactive as in ?

As in … “interactive” … you can pan it, pitch it, zoom it

That’s what I thought you meant, I just went to go and give it a go but the editor won’t accept my files for some reason, I will have to reboot the PC and try later.

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I don’t believe you can, other than the stuff I have posted before where you can pan and tilt through the video.

Seems that you can … with an MP, too! :+1:

Yeah I’ve posted one similar, no pinch and zoom though, unless I’m missing something.

You can do all the above in the app.

Right ok. Dons dunces cap

Is the Insta360 a drone?

The footage looks great, or is has the selfie stick been photoshopped out ?

Any minute now I am going to make my way back into the cupboard…

EDIT - Just looked online…I know much more than I did a minute or 2 ago. This internet thingy isnt bad at all :joy: :see_no_evil:

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No, no pinch and zoom, I’ve just tried on the iPad.

It’s a camera, the software hides the stick.

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Certainly zooms for me.

Clever stuff init! :clap:

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You’re right my bad.

Does not like my version of safari, had a play in the devils chrome and bingo

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It certainly is.

All 360 cameras have the same ‘blind spot’, although its still clever as fuck

I tried it via the YT app and it moves about as you move the iPad, it won’t pinch or zoom though.