Please help!

I am the partner to a man who has recently become 'addicted" to droning. It’s all he now talks about. As much as I can appreciate his enthusiasm for his new found hobby; I don’t quite share the same level of excitement and passion as he does :wink:. Are there a bunch of people in the Blackpool area who meet up anywhere on a regular ish basis to fly, talk drones or are there any people who would like to form some kind of group? I have tried to search for places or clubs near here but I don’t seem to be having any luck so far. For the sake of my sanity (and I do kind of want to make the old man happy), if anybody has any advice or information it would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks so much. Happy droning :grin:

Get him to sign up here, probably the friendliest drone community I’ve encountered.

Maybe someone closer to you will be able to advise on groups in Blackpool.

For me flying the drone is usually a solitary experience. I go out alone to different places and love the peace and time out.

It’s got to the stage when I talk about drones at home she simply rolls her eyes.


Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate that. I certainly will encourage he joins up here. You all seem real enthusiasts and keen to support and advice each other which is fantastic. In the meantime, back to more rolling of eyes :grin:. Thanks again Callum

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Boys and their toys eh :roll_eyes:

Definitely introduce him to online buddies, he can drone on to us about it then :joy:

Sometimes model aircraft clubs have a few people actively interested in drones, check out BMFA for local branches and membership comes with liability insurance. I see there is a helicopter specific club in Preston that’s not too far away

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply., much appreciated. I really do see the appeal, and there are some amazing pieces of kit; I’ve learnt a thing or two myself, even if only by default! I just don’t have any spare time to give! The link for the helicopter club is useful and I’ll pass the info on. Thanks again